Grandparents Corner
Hello Monica and all the wonderful aunties at school!
I am sorry that I have not written to you before but it was a busy vacation with our granddaughter in Mumbai, which I love!!
Thank you very much for allowing me to come to "mommy and me" school with my little Noa. It was such a pleasure. I was so happy to see that the school is so beautiful, clean, and has so many educational and fun games and toys.
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The children and their mommies have a great time during the "together" time and then the children are allowed time to themselves and together to enjoy and explore. The pedagogic program, with different activities such as music, art,etc is really great!
But I must say that the best of all are the wonderful aunties that lead and assist the school!! great girls, so sweet and caring to the kids. Congratulation you have a great school with fantastic people!!!
have a wonderful 2013,
love from Spain
Patricia Henna
Grandma to Noa
I was thrilled seeing the school, the colourful and fun environment and the exposure the kids gets at SIS Prep. I loved the fact that all the teaching at school happens in a play - way, which is exactly how it should be at this point.
Ishwari Chheda
Amairah’s Grandmother
Teachers are probably the most underrated yet the most powerful professionals in the whole world. Their work has a long-term impact on not just the lives of children they teach, but on society as a whole. They have the power to shape generations, impact minds and make the worlds a better place. The school may have found a teacher in you, but our child found a hero and a friend in you. Thank you for taking good care of our grandchild and blooming his personality like a beautiful fragrant flower ever since being tended by a lovely gardener in the form of a teacher like you.
Thanking you.
Mr. & Mrs. Patel
Umar’s Grandparents
Grandparents day at SIS prep was an enriching and fun experience. My grandson Kiaan Suchak studying in class nursery 1 was very excited to show me around, what I may proudly call his second home .We saw pictures and clippings of our loved ones. The teachers miss Siddhi and miss Nita were very warm and friendly. Art and craft activities were laid out on tables for us to do with our grandchildren. The session ended with fun and lively music with mouth watering snacks whereby most of us joined the children and enjoyed ourselves. SIS prep truly helps the children to gain interactive education in a playful manner
Mr. and Mrs. Shah
Kabir’s Grandparents
We are very happy about the fact that Kabir loves school and willingly goes to school, and feel that Kabir has become very expressive and has started talking quite a lot. The school is very well organized. Kabir has been living every moment of his childhood without been pressurized and enjoys all the functions celebrated in school and is very eager to go back home and tell us what he did.
Mr. and Mrs. Shah
Kabir’s Grandparents