After School Enrichment - Atelier
SIS Prep welcomes you to the Atelier. Ours is a 6000 sq. ft on purpose built space designed to encourage discovery, interaction and exploration for children aged between 5 months to 48 months.
In schools where the verbal language is the only and privileged one the Atelier at SIS Prep welcomes the language of art, the artistic processes, the esthetic dimensions, the poetics of expressive languages because it is the right and the need of each individual to express through different languages supporting and developing abilities and competencies which are different from the word only without excluding it.
Children have the characteristics of the creativity such as curiosity, flexibility, critical spirit, analogical thinking, relational approach, esthetic dimension, self-esteem, courage, concentration, perseverance, capacity to marvel, to produce metaphors and Meta cognitions.
We can ask children to investigate how colors are created, where light comes from. We can ask them to represent a theory of on birth of a seed. We can listen to their comments on the mystery of a bug become a butterfly. We will always be unprepared to their visionary poetics to their capacity of abstraction able to break free from cliché to access a dimension that includes beauty, intuition and creative act.
The sessions at the Atelier are emergent in style and may incorporate up-to 3 elements in one hour. Each elements seamlessly flow into one another and is facilitated and guided by our experienced SIS Prep staff.
Our programmes provide children with a breath of experience and choices encouraging development within a variety of context. We provide opportunities for children to develop different types of thinking and skills, as they grow in confidence through our programme they begin to draw strands of knowledge and understanding together, building upon their prior discoveries, testing theories and experimenting.
Please leave us your contact details if you wish to join our Atelier, and we shall connect with you.
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