For children 4 - 5 years
1 year programme
3 hours 5 days a week
For children 5 - 6 years
1 year programme
3 hours 5 days a week
Did you know that children learn more in the first 5 years of their lives than at any other time in their lives?
SIS PREP Kindergarten aims and aids at making the journey of learning a memorable one. Our aim is to prepare the children fully for the early reception years and yet make it full of fun and joy, and a very natural process of continuity.
In the Kindergarten class, we would use a wide range of play activities and maintain a balance between child initiated and adult directed activities. We ensure a broad and balanced approach to Language and Literacy, Mathematics and Personal and Social development. Active learning is matched to children’s particular needs and interests.
Reflections on learning at SIS PREP KINDERGARTEN….. A taste of imaginative play!
Health and Well being
Physical Development
Technologies and Sciences
Exploring, Discovering and Practical Activities
Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy
Social Studies
Knowledge and Understanding of the world
English, Languages and Literacy
Religious and Moral Education
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Expressive Arts
Creative Development
Rhythm and Rhyme
Music Appreciation
We would allow the child to participate in a variety of play and learning experiences in each of the eight curriculum areas in the 'Curriculum for Excellence', offer a wide range of play activities to the children at each session and encourage the children to work in groups and independently, and to co-operate with one another, sharing ideas and feelings and listening to each other, in other words building communication skills.
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