For infants of age group
10 – 18 months, accompanied
with mums.
6 months programme
70 minutes 3 times a week
"Your child has the right to get most out of life"
This means he needs an enriched environment that provides both the physical challenges and the sensory stimulation needed to nourish his growing brain.
Unlike the past, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins are not always around to provide spontaneous imaginative recreational activities for them. Busy schedule of young parents and disinterested maids have generally reduced the quantity and quality of attention babies receive. Congested cities like Mumbai provide limited access to clean wide open environments where children can develop vital motor skills.
How SIS PREP will help
Physical Development
Crawling, climbing, walking
Social Development
Interaction with other adults and children
Emotional Development
Secure attachment through lots of hugs, cuddles and laughter, through shared activities
Cognitive Development
Introduction of textures, colors, shapes and music
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