We aim to broaden the children’s range of experiences, introduce new possibilities, systematize the process of learning and help develop thinking skills by providing a stimulating, exciting environment where children will have the freedom to play, observe, query and explore joyfully.
“The object of education is to prepare the young, to educate themselves throughout their lives.”
– Robert Maynard Hutchins.
Every child is born with a spark. It is our duty to kindle that spark in our children through love, care and encouragement. The early childhood years are now well recognized for having a great impact on how an individual thinks and behaves, through his school years and as an adult. Whether our children become self motivated learners and face the world with confidence depends to a great degree on the stimulation, guidance and nurturing they will have in their stages of development.
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The child, who has his curiosity ignited in his early years, who develops an excitement about learning and interacts easily with others, will have a head start in life.
The role of preschool education is to prepare children for the journey of lifelong learning. For such a sure start to be realized, a major aim of preschool education is to provide a child centered education which would teach them to inquire and develop holistically.
Preschool education has been perceived by some as a preparation for primary school. However, it’s not just a preparation for the next stage. It is vitally important in itself. It should not be confused with trying to accelerate learning in the preschool years by providing children with a simplified primary school curriculum.
A child who sees learning as pleasurable and challenging has a head start on the journey of lifelong learning and looks forward to the varied opportunities to explore and discover many facets of our world.
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